Server Performance Optimization

We Tone for Maximum Performance

Server Performance Optimization

We work with our clients throughout their business journey to enable them maximize their potential with highly optimized servers. You are in safe hands when it comes to server performance optimization. We at Ideamine fine tunes server performance for any bottlenecks by taking into account the below factors :

  • Understand :Gather as much information as possible about the server :  errors, latency, frequency, problems that can be reproduced. Clearly understanding and defining solves half of the problem.
  • Monitor : Monitor and list down potential issues on the server
  • Analyse : Analysing the monitored data gives a clear picture of the problem
  • Narrow down :Narrow down the issue and find the root cause.
  • Fix : Work on the bottleneck identified by applying one change at a time
  • Measure:  Validate the performance after and before optimization till we arrive at a benchmark performance

Best practice we follow :

  • Keep the applications running on the server to a minimum.
  • Disable unused apps running which might be hogging memory
  • Re-nice the priority of non-critical process which are CPU intensive
  • Check the application architecture and optimize the server and resources accordingly
  • Utilize the server mainly for the purpose it is intended for. On a web server you might want to switch off irrelevant services like printing service, NFS, mail server, XFS etc..
  • Monitor Disk I/O on the system and keep an eye on disk health
  • Network performance tracking by taking into account packets status and identify if any anomalies noticed
  • Server updated with latest patches applied. This is beneficial not only from security point of view, but also boosts performance wise as well