server monitoring services

24/7 Server Monitoring

We track your server performance & providing server monitoring services 24/7.

Server Monitoring Services

Stay on top of your outage issues with us. To win in a dynamic business environment, 24/7 server monitoring services should always be on the higher side. We provide server monitoring services whereby correction of problems can be done even before they are noticeable.

With Server monitoring services & Server maintenance services you can efficiently:

Analyse Resource Usage
Track Network statistics
Plan capacity
Manage inventory

With our server maintenance services, issues can be tracked down even before your customers start noticing them rather than have your customers report issues and you get to notice only when things get out of hands. You can at anytime track down availability, responsiveness, and performance of the server with our 24/7 server monitoring services.

At Ideamine, our server monitoring services & server maintenance services take into account the most critical aspects of a client’s server or website:

  • Monitor: Monitor everything which affects system and network performance
  • Pin down : Decide the metrics to be monitored on the server
  • Fix threshold : Set the threshold values for each metric after analysing server configuration and application
  • Alerts : Set-up alerts for the events when the threshold is crossed.
  • Analyse : Log the events to analyse the server performance and the trends and patterns in which performance varies.

Server monitoring services prevent a possible server failure and consequent outage. The warnings and symptoms should be analysed. They indicate performance issues and appropriate action is to be taken to avoid a downtime. If the monitored results point towards a change in current configuration, 24/7 server maintenance should be planned so that the metrics remain within the threshold values.

Get broad visibility over your server’s health and performance by Ideamine’s 24/7 server support services. Save your time and avoid late night and weekend emergencies.