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Semi Dedicated Team Plan – Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Looking for outsourced web hosting support? We’ve got you covered. Our Sem-dedicated Team Plan is the best plan for enterprises that have not yet fully evolved and are handling a relatively smaller customer base. Whenever you evolve into a company with a bigger customer base, we are happy to shift you to our dedicated team plan.

Our Semi Dedicated team plan benefits

We will help you solve L3 level problems.


Whilst it is a semi-dedicated plan, you still get full-time technical assistance through phone and live chat. In dedicated team plan, you get guaranteed response within 30 minutes, but with our semi-dedicated ones, the time extends to 45 minutes.


A semi-dedicated team is capable of handling issues up to L3. This makes it as benefiting as the dedicated team plan.


We do not believe in “canned” responses as they rarely solve the issue. Our experts understand your request before personally responding to them rather than sending system generated emails.


The plan is suitable for enterprises that are working on a limited budget and is facing crunch situations when it comes to operational costs. It is also perfect for enterprises that have just started their journey and want to initially experience a semi-dedicated team plan before they shift to dedicated team plan for outsourced web hosting technical support.


Whilst the guaranteed response time is 45 minutes, the average response time stands at 20-25 minutes. We are not biased towards companies that have availed a dedicated team plan with us but yes, since they have a dedicated team of experts which works exclusively for them, they may be able to have their issues solved quicker as compare to companies on semi-dedicated team subscriptions.