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Remote Server Management & 24/7 Server Support Services available.

Remote server management, for most businesses, is one of those headaches that never end. There are certain gaps and deficiencies in the capabilities of most information technology staff that your organization’s budget will not let you fill. Whether it is network support, off-hours server support, or Linux; you are often hard pressed to secure the financial budget to provide your business the server support it requires. However, Idea Mine’s remote server management services can help you bridge operational gaps at an affordable cost that will not give heartburn to your CFO

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Our server core remote management services form the backbone of various managed IT services that we render.

Why Ideamine

Signing up with Idea Mine is simple. We will install a tiny monitoring agent on the server, which is inexpensive, and we are good to go. You will stop adhering to the traditional break-fix mentality as we will concentrate on proactive prevention of problems and glitches. We will let you gain total control of your costs, enabling you to cut down your operating expenses using our flat-fee billing structure. We work with you to proactively discover and fix issues on your remote server before they negatively impact your performance

Professional Services

Our Windows and Linux remote server management personnel have a versatile and in-depth experience in managing remote servers on both Windows and Linux platforms. Ideamine’s highly-trained, qualified and industry certified experts and engineers are available at beck and call for your support. Our remote server services also include full server audit, continuous monitoring of event logs, problem resolution, security audits and patch management. Ideamine’s certified engineers and experts help maintain and administer your remote servers for maximum security, stability and uptime.

24/7 service

Our round the clock remote server management service teams can provide your company the peace of mind it deserves, knowing our professionals will keep your systems up and running. If you are looking for someone reliable and competent for proactive remote server management and administration, then Idea Mine’s server monitoring and management services are perfect for your IT needs. We will constantly monitor and track your server’s performance, disk space utilization, network traffic and running services.

Key Features for our business customers

24/7 Monitoring

Our competent team of administrators and engineers keep a close eye on your server connectivity and support services, round the clock from our centralized operations centre...

Complete Protection

We provide server hardening and optimization, spam and anti-virus protection, firewall audit as a key element of our proactive remote server monitoring and initial audit...

Qualified Tech Staff

You will get 24/7 access to certified and professional domain experts who fully appreciate and understand the importance of server security, uptime and reliability...

Data Recovery and Backups

Idea Mine will offer full technical assistance in developing both data recovery and backup plans, including monitoring and configuration of these plans...

Maintenance and Audits

We will monitor event logs, perform maintenance tasks, provide anti-virus management and patch management and backup monitoring...

Measured Service Level Agreements

We offer a swift thirty minute response and six hour resolution time with respect to technical support incidents...

Technologies we are using for remote server management

The IdeaMine team knows the best Server Management tools out there and has a great level of expertise in all the tools.

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