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Remote Server Management

If you own an online business, then your server support is the most important property. The server forms the backbone of your business on which the functioning of your company depends. If it goes down, down goes the reputation of your company and your business. Yes, you have got the creamy layer of business professionals in your office and yes, your company has more than 10 years of experience in online business but, if the server witnesses even a day of downtime, all that reputation you have built in ten years will be tarnished, leading your team of industries best business professional useless. Ideamine averts these situations and makes sure that your server is up 24×7 and that nothing comes in the way of your business with intensive remote server management service.

Our Server Support Features

Remote server management is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of services. Ideamine offers an array of server support

services at extremely competitive commercials.


At Ideamine, we understand that if a customer is not satisfied with the performance of his website, it will not take him much time in switching to a better service provider. We offer 24/7 remote server management to ensure that your server does not face even a minute of downtime.


As a part of remote server management, server backup is maintained for emergencies. This is done as our “plan for the worst” strategy, so when all else fails, we can still restore your server to its original state of workings


What’s more – you can call or live chat our representatives 24/7  for server support and we will assist you with your server-related problems. Our mission is 100% satisfaction of our customers with our remote server management services and we are 100% devoted to it.


In case your server has been hacked, Ideamine can help you recover it completely and attempt to restore all data which might have been lost, as soon as possible


Ideamine offers unlimited remote server management at extremely competitive commercials


At Ideamine, we regularly audit your server to evaluate its performance which helps us to examine its speed and avoid potential slowdowns

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United States of America

Ideamine Technologies is truly an amazing server management provider and have went up and beyond our expectations! We have been using this remote server management services for a few months now, and have been able to troubleshoot and resolve every issue our clients and ourselves have faced within the period of time we switched to their server support services.

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United States of America

Ideamine Technologies is providing us server support for more than one year now. The services that they provide are of very high quality and comes at an affordable price. They are straight forward, good to deal with and have helped us a lot in the growth of our Business. Their Server Admins are highly knowledgeable and speak proper English.



My business is very much a website oriented business, so having a secure web presence is absolutely critical for me. As an SEO, I need to run my own server, and having a dependable team on call to troubleshoot my LAMP and WordPress issues is just invaluable to me. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are not just my server support system, they are my life support system. Good work guys..many thanks!