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Idea Mine for Microsoft Azure can be your comprehensive answer for all your Microsoft Azure issues and challenges. We are an Azure managed services provider, blending automation  and technology  with certified experts to deliver topnotch ongoing architecture, exceptional security, and throughout the clock operations that are backed by Microsoft certified architects and engineers helping you make the most out of your hefty Microsoft investment.

Ideamine helps companies, both large and small, to fully understand the landscape of cloud computing and helps company management in make better and informed corporate decisions when evaluating competing solutions.

Need for Azure Management Services

A majority of business organizations that have taken a liking to Microsoft technologies are looking for certified professionals or experts to help them in managing the complexity of Microsoft Azure. Identifying, recruiting and dealing with Microsoft Azure specialists to handle architectural design considerations, operations and security is an overwhelming and daunting task. However, this has ended up diverting the core focus of businesses away from the central business process.

Why choose Ideamine

Idea Mine offers enablement, management and integration of hybrid cloud infrastructures; this includes capacity optimization between both your off- or on-premise infrastructures and Azure We ensure high compliance and security for network connectivity as well as high availability. Easy and seamless migration of your VM, enabling you to expand the on-premises environment which lends you the flexibility to move your workload to the cloud

Benefits of Choosing Idea Mine

Our local team of experts and engineers on a 24/7 basis. Remote support on an immediate basis whenever you need it. All your pressing issues will be dealt with in a timely manner as specified in our Service Level Agreement.Rapid resolution of your Azure-related issues. Extensive and detailed reporting as we continuously monitor every facet of your tech infrastructure, from a slew of performance metrics (such as memory, CPU and disk) to security alerts, event logs and audit trails, etc

Technologies we work with

Key Features

We use technologies like Azure AD, Azure VM, Web applications and Azure SQL which set us apart from our competitors.

Cloud Lifecycle Management

Ideamine’s cloud experts and engineers help in guiding future-proof architecture planning, operation, implementation, optimization and migration.

Enhanced Security

We offer security features like advanced monitoring, solution governance and customized information policy management to satisfy both compliance and security requirements.

Always-On Support

We offer industry-leading service level agreements coupled with 24/7 response and issue resolution that ensures your environments are managed, monitored and under control.

Cost Optimization

Our competitive and market based Azure pricing, single-vendor billing and financial optimization strategies help you save time and money.

Complete Spectrum of Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Azure managed services for network, security, scaling, provisioning, OS, backup, database and storage.

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