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Improve the Performance of Your E-commerce Store with Ideamine.

Are you into E-commerce business? Constant monitoring and support are critical for your E-commerce websites to provide better customer experience. Magento has been highly beneficial to e-commerce businesses in terms of easy navigation, higher productivity, and increased revenue.
At Ideamine, we provide Magento Managed Services to help you stay ahead of the competition and improve sales.

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Remove challenges that affect your site performance and improve site security.

Why choose Ideamine

Our experienced team of Magento consultants and developers can make your website one of the best in your industry. We can add rich features to your website, optimizing your site for maximum throughput, customizing it as per current trends, thus delivering a great customer experience that eventually results in enhanced conversions.

Our Expertise in Technology

Through our Magento server management, you get the convenience of end-to-end IT operations under one roof without the expense of hiring and training a large team of IT resources. By outsourcing such tasks to us, you spend less time and effort on IT activities, leaving your resources free to contribute towards your core business.

Ensures Optimal Performance

With our extensive load testing, your website will always be ready for your customers, even at times of high traffic. Our skilled team offers extra support planning for your peak season. Our cross-browser testing ensures your website is compatible with all major browsers, thus giving you access to a broad customer base.

Key Features of Our Magento Managed Services

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your site 24/7 to ensure continuous availability and give customers a great website experience.

Flexible Support Plans

Based on your support needs, we offer flexible plans critical for the success of your E-commerce platform.

Technical Support

Our experienced team will perform end-to-end testing to ensure changes have been implemented satisfactorily.

Extensive Testing Support

Our testing ensures your site works great at peak and normal load, and can be accessed from varying browsers.

Security Testing

We perform security testing like checking data leakage to ensure your site is safe from malicious attacks.

Site Audits

Our periodic Magento audits will ensure that your site is PCI compliant. We also assess your site’s SEO readiness.

Technologies We Work With

The IdeaMine team knows the best Server Management tools out there and has a great level of expertise in all the tools.

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