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Managed AWS services & 24/7 Server Support Services available.

Ideamine is an AWS standard partner having ample and proven experience in architecture development and AWS management environments of various sizes. Ideamine’s competent, trained and experienced solution architects will work in close coordination with your team to develop an agile and dynamic plan for both deployment and release.

Select an AWS Plan according to your business needs.

Ideamine helps companies, both large and small, to fully understand the landscape of cloud computing and helps company management in make better and informed corporate decisions when evaluating competing solutions.

Why Ideamine

Ideamine expertly manages diverse AWS environments so that its clients can concentrate their efforts and time on growing and expanding their business rather than managing the tech infrastructure. Ideamine uses multiple monitoring systems for Amazon cloud monitoring to guarantee optimal performance for your cloud needs.

Competitive Plans

The company’s AWS services consist of a variety of managed service plans; these plans offer round the clock monitoring and support to ensure the availability of anything that you host on the cloud. In case there are any glitches or issues with the AWS environment, the company is alerted instantly and works through its client service department to resolve your problems on a timely basis.

24/7 Service

Whether you are looking for cost-optimization, accurate log maintenance, better user management, or other facets related to AWS, we are always by your side and are available 24/7. To Ideamine, AWS management services are not only about high-end technology; communication is equally, if not more, important. This emphasis on communication guarantees you direct and unfettered access to our proficient engineers who are responsible for the architecture of your cloud environment.

Key features providing for our business customers


Our service charges are structured in a manner that spreads volume discounts across all the different AWS products; this allows for a scaling of services because the infrastructure spend tends to increases.....

Hybrid Builds

Idea Mines’ all inclusive AWS management services can enhance efficiencies in development, management and deployment of hybrid infrastructures. ..

Added Security

Using role-based and vigilant access and tracking, we deliver improved AWS security so that you do not have to relinquish your access credentials...


Our pricing structure closely matches the AWS usage of the customers; most of our plans have a basic flat service charge for a particular level of infrastructure spend, and smoothly scale in terms of control as the use of AWS rises in the future. ..

Secure Data Storage

Data Mine’s AWS management solutions enable you to make backups of your valuable data and store it with resiliency, reliability and optimized performance...

Value Based

Our charges are very competitive and market based. You will spend less if you hire us instead of employing comparable AWS staff with expertise throughout the year...

Technologies we work with for managed AWS services

We provide optimal pricing and service options that closely match your business needs. We provide exceptional automation and tools and our AWS experts will dig deep to help you in getting the best out of your AWS. Idea Mine’s AWS technologists and cloud experts will do all the heavy lifting, enabling you to concentrate on your business.

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