linux server management services

Linux Server Management Services

Adds best practice architecture & deep monitoring

Linux Server Management Services

Do you agree your Linux server is the backbone that supports your IT operations? If so, shouldn’t you desire the best Linux Server management services for such a critical component?

With top-notch, demand-based service and flexible management plans, Ideamine is the most suitable choice for your Linux server management services requirement. If you need an end-to-end management, or you simply need us to supplement your management functions, we are here to assist you. Our years of industry expertise have honed us into loyal sentinels who fight against adverse conditions that threaten to disrupt operations, thus ensuring your servers are up and running 24/7.

Why you should choose

Linux Server Management Services?

An IHS survey finds that the average cost of a downtime can range from $1 million a year for mid-size companies to more than $60 million a year for large companies. This includes loss of revenue, loss of productivity and the average cost to fix the downtime. Business opportunities lost due to the downtime can have a long-term, cascading effect that cannot be measured in numbers. Which is why you should choose Linux server management services…

This is what you get with our

Linux Server Management Services

  • Flexible plans with highly competitive prices
  • End-to-end Linux server management and support
  • Availability of technically qualified staff
  • 24/7 Emergency helpline and Chat support
  • Impressive SLA
  • Assurance of security
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Multiple contact options – phone, email, live chat
  • Reduced IT spend as you no longer need to maintain a large, in-house support team
  • Detailed reports that showcase the health of your server, sent at fixed intervals

Linux Server Management Services

& Say NO To Server Downtime

Ideamine works diligently towards keeping your Linux servers available round the clock to support your IT operations. Our

Linux Server Management Services



We provide 24/7 Linux server monitoring service that includes general health-check, server load check, assessment of disk space & RAM usage, & verification of processing capacity. We also monitor daily logs to detect issues that may affect performance or security of your servers.


As a part of our Linux server management services, we perform diagnostic services aimed at tracking and fixing potential issues that can lead to a downtime. This kind of proactive service ensures we prevent problems before they occur so that your server operations are free from disruptions and deliver best performance throughput.


In our Linux server management services, we create a backup plan in line with your disaster recovery and business continuity stipulations. Our timely backup operations will ensure your data is always safe and ready to be deployed in the aftermath of an emergency.


We ensure correct server configurations and settings that will deliver the best performance even under strenuous conditions. Our Linux server management services, take care to ensure high load bearing, optimal resource utilization and high availability of your servers.


Our Linux server management services make sure your server environment is always safe, by performing upgrades, installing necessary patches and set up firewalls. We proactively take necessary steps to protect your server and applications against malicious attacks.


Our Linux server management team is always on standby to address your server problems. All you need to do is give us a shout over the phone, live chat or email or simply raise a ticket and we will do our best to assist you.


We have a strong team of qualified technicians trained & experienced in responding to a data emergency. We try our best to secure your servers against malicious attacks. However, in the eventuality that your server is hacked, our technicians will swing into action to recover lost data and implement steps to ward off such attacks in the future.


We regularly audit your server to ensure optimal performance and detect potential issues that can cause a slow down. Our Linux server management services help to cut down the maintenance cost with timely audits while ensuring essential security features are in place.

Trust only the best when it comes to managing your critical servers.

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United States of America

Ideamine Technologies is truly an amazing server management provider and have went up and beyond our expectations! We have been using this server management provider for a few months now, and have been able to troubleshoot and resolve every issue our clients and ourselves have faced within the period of time we switched to their services.

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United States of America

We have been using Ideamine Technologies for more than one year now.The services that they provide are of very high quality and comes at an affordable price. They are straight forward,good to deal with and have helped us a lot in the growth of our Business. Their Server Admins are highly knowledgeable and speak proper English.



My business is very much a website oriented business, so having a secure web presence is absolutely critical for me. As an SEO, I need to run my own server, and having a dependable team on call to troubleshoot my LAMP and WordPress issues is just invaluable to me. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are my life support system. Good work guys..many thanks!