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DevOps as a Service

Automate Software Development & IT Operations with DevOps Managed Services

DevOps – The Path to Business Agility and Automation

Since the customer needs are rapidly evolving, enterprises need to be agiler in delivering their products. So the change should start from the internal operations. In IT industry, the software development needs to be completed with iterative quality analysis and frequent releases. Companies need to explore their marketing activities further and thereby channelize all efforts to actualise their overall business goals. For the last few years, we have witnessed the movement of software development lifecycles from waterfall to agile models. DevOps is an active advocate of agile business processes. Enterprises who run or want to run their business applications in the cloud started using devops as a service in the last few years.

We have seen a possible fusion between the development activities and IT operations with the emergence of DevOps. It facilitates communication, collaboration, and integration between developers and operational staffs. We can define DevOps as a philosophy, paradigm shift or cultural change.

The impact of DevOps has already reflected in the server and cloud industry which are highly associated with business in terms of their own web hosting applications. The new paradigm shift resolves the conflicts between the departments in an organization by breaking down the old divisions with devops best practices such as Infrastructure as code, Automation, Continuous deployment, and security.

DevOps as a service is not only a productive way to develop software but also helps to accelerate the delivery process. The more you make the customer wait to receive the output, higher will be the dissatisfaction generated. So, adhering to more agile and automated architecture like DevOps Cloud Computing platforms is vital for business growth.

Cloud computing, whether it is an in-house firewall or purchased from a service provider, Support of a DevOps managed services provider is essential in configuring the web hosting applications. The virtual platform needs to be as fluid as the application, and deployment from development to production needs to be automatic in order to meet the demanding delivery requirements.

Why Ideamine to be your DevOps Managed Services Provider?

It is essential to stick on to DevOps platforms whether you are using an in-house web hosting application or purchasing one from a service provider. It is essential to keep your web hosting platform competent with DevOps in order to meet demanding delivery requirements.

If you want to accelerate productivity by establishing inter-organizational harmony, Ideamine will help you to actualise the goal. Ideamine delivers DevOps as a service which ranges from simple DevOps application to support your web hosting platforms and AWS and Microsoft Assure server deployment. Ideamine Delivers DevOps as service in integration with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

DevOps in AWS cloud platform

With AWS integration, our customers can successfully automate their business activities. It includes deployment, configuration, and maintenance of web application with DevOps support. You can set up environments more rapidly in a standardized and repeatable manner using the automation of business activities.

Ideamine helps you to get the full benefits of AWS Automation. It is the AWS Automation feature which provides full elasticity and scalability to business. Our managed cloud services along with DevOps integration eliminate the issues of manual processes such as unreliability, inadequate support and lack of agility. It reduces the cost of maintaining a larger human resource. Ideamine as DevOps Managed Services provider fetches the following benefits:

  • Higher productivity
  • Rapid changes to your organization with Automation
  • Configurations that is vulnerable to repetitions.
  • Highly reproducible environments
  • Help you to leverage elasticity and scaling according to resource utilization
  • Facilitates automated testing.

DevOps in Azure Cloud Platform

Ideamine DevOps as a service helps your organization to take maximum advantage of the cloud. You can quickly and cost effectively, allocate resources to Microsoft Azure with the support of Ideamine managed web services. With our Azure cloud solution with DevOps integration provides high flexibility to your business operations.

Ideamine has integrated with Managed Azure services which will help you to accelerate your workflow in your organization. With our cloud integrated DevOps service, the software moves quickly from development through, testing, and then to production. It makes the application located in the cloud to be provisioned and get configured expectedly.

The benefits of Ideamine

DevOps consulting services


  • Inter –departmental harmony
  • Optimal resource utilization and elimination of manual processes
  • An alternative to Silos
  • Empowered Development Cycles
  • Continues Service Delivery
  • Defect Free Applications

So Whether it is AWS or Azure web hosting applications,

DevOps managed services provider

– Ideamine’s

DevOps consulting services

will always help you to meet the demands of business and IT operations in a consistent, repeatable, and reliable manner.

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Ideamine Technologies is truly an Amazing Server Management provider and have went up and beyond our expectations! We have been using this server management provider for a few months now, and have been able to troubleshoot and resolve every issue our clients and ourselves have faced within the period of time we switched to their services.

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We have been using Ideamine Technologies for more than one year now.The services that they provide are of very high quality and comes at an affordable price. They are straight forward,good to deal with and have helped us a lot in the growth of our Business. Their Server Admins are highly knowledgeable and speak proper English.



My business is very much a website oriented business, so having a secure web presence is absolutely critical for me. As an SEO, I need to run my own server, and having a dependable team on call to troubleshoot my LAMP and WordPress issues is just invaluable to me. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are my life support system. Good work guys..many thanks!