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Cloud Server Management & 24/7 Server Support Services available.

Businesses today have a myriad of constantly changing cloud technologies available to them. This abundance of options gives them plenty of choice, but makes it easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Cloud servers and cloud storage are vital tools for modern businesses. Ideamine can help you sort through the various options available, and in choosing what’s right for your organization through its comprehensive cloud managed services in Chicago. We provide cloud migration services that will help you develop a customized migration path that will enable you to migrate different computing systems to the cloud..

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With our latest cloud computing technologies and cloud migration strategies and solutions, we will take care of the entire process – leaving your in-house team to look at more important issues.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Our cloud migration strategy will identify various risk and opportunities to enhance the availability and performance of key business functions while ensuring industry compliance. We are familiar with deploying various kinds of cloud platforms with certified architects. We adhere to a comprehensive list of norms to come up with a cloud strategy for growth and transformation of the clients we serve. Our experienced consultants work closely with clients and choose the most appropriate cloud platform for them and assist in evaluating the suitability of various applications for that particular platform.

Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration solutions and implementation services assist organizations in attaining business excellence· It will help your your business to accelerate time to return on investment realization and lower operational costs. we will provide you In-depth assessment of current solutions and infrastructure. Migration to cloud with Ideamine will give you a reusable and standardized platform to enable seamless data migrations which will ensure effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans. With Ideamine you will get consultation from certified and experienced cloud architects in migrating different applications on various platforms.

How Ideamine can help you.

we understand that decisions regarding a complete migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud and what services to choose can be complicated. Moreover, integrating these technologies with each other often becomes complicated.Ideamine with our cloud strategy and consultation service can help you Improve profitability via optimal resources utilization. We can help you with Identification of appropriate and business-relevant cloud-based solutions for your entity.We will ensure better customer experience and enhanced workflow collaboration. Our pre-defined cloud migration models will help your business to run smoothly. Our In-depth analysis will determine the cloud readiness of your company.

Key features providing for our business customers

Free Up IT Mainframe

With our cloud migration services, you can easily move infrastructure, business processes and applications to cloud, and free up your IT mainframe. ..

Maximize Performance

Cloud migration is crucial in bridging the gap in IT capacity and business demand. Our cloud migration solutions will assist in mitigating risk, maximizing performance and invoking robust and repeatable processes, which will lead to business expansion and growth...

Complete Service Package

As managed cloud service providers, we offer a full bouquet of excellent cloud migration solutions that will help you in making a seamless transition to cloud. Our complete cloud package comprises everything from cloud design and architecture to full-fledged deployment. ..

Sound Infrastructure Ensuring Security and Agility

During the migration process, our experienced architects implement a sound cloud infrastructure for your company, which ensures performance, agility and security. As pioneers in managing cloud servers, we can manage intricate cloud transitions and provide IaaS to companies depending on their specific needs...

Technologies we are using for cloud service management

We provide exceptional automation and tools and our cloud experts will dig deep to help you in getting the best.

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