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Server Ambulance to solve your server issue in minutes!

Server down

Our dedicated team will login to your server, audit server logs, trace processes and more to find out exactly what’s going wrong.

Spam mitigation

Outbound spamming is a great concern. Our technical support staff helps you track the source of spam, preventing future spams.

Website hack recovery

Our server recovery support can restore your website, clean out malware, and restore from backups, after a website hack.

Restore failed services

We restore any failed services by logging in to your server and implementing a solution for the issue that has caused the downtime.

Server migration

Our team can move your server contents from one server to a new one, ensuring all sites and applications are running smooth.

Email server issue

Our system administrators can assist to fix your Email server problems instantly, as Email Service is as important as web service.

Losing schedules

Our server maintenance support includes solving Task Scheduler issues that enable servers to automatically perform routine tasks.

Database recovery

Our database experts offer immediate emergency support for SQL server database by performing crash recovery within minutes.

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