Server Ambulance – Instant Server Support

We have introduced the concept of Server Ambulance for the first time in the world. Server Ambulance is a virtual rescue wagon for instant server support, constituting our proficient system administrating engineers, whom you can rely upon, in the case of any emergency. The server issue that adversely affects you or your customer’s business has to be resolved on a priority basis. Hence an exclusive and dedicated team is made available 24/7, awaiting your email or call, to give you

instant server support.


Looking for

Instant server support

and a way to prevent ongoing server issues? Then you’re at the right place. Ideamine’s Server Ambulance provides rapid assistance in any emergency situations. Our

quick server support

team knows how important server and network is to your business. Our certified and skilled professionals troubleshoot any server conundrums and evolve feasible solutions in no time. Server Ambulance is unique incident based technical support which ensures that your servers are running at highest level and delivers end to end performance.


As any other corporate or start-up, you too will have an internal IT team, but there are times when the wise decision will be to rely on experts in the core area, rather than waiting and risking it all. Always remember, even when a medical practitioner gets a heart attack, he too seeks the help of a cardiologist.

So far our server ambulance was able to serve bountiful of customers, efficiently in a short span of time, across different continents.

5 Most common cases when the Server Ambulance was called upon…

  • The server goes down even after continuous fixes
  • The firewalls unable to withstand the hacker attacks
  • Server performance getting affected on a daily basis
  • Sceptical about losing your back-up and want a risk-free migration
  • Doubtful of losing your scheduled cron jobs

Server Check-up Plans


  • Immediate Assistance to the request
  • Get estimate from our Tech team on your request
  • $50.00/Hour. Minimum billing- 2 Hours
  • Billing at $40/hour post 2 Hours
  • Support via Skype / PhoneCall