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What can be done if we need to change things after migration?

We make sure to keep you abreast of any changes, which is a part of our customer service.
Our professional team of developers and software engineers work with you to meet your changed requirements and design custom cloud and management services, thus providing you with maximum choice and control.

How to ensure data security in the cloud?

Data security can be ensured to a great extent by assessing and addressing existing vulnerabilities, compliance risks and governance programs. Cloud computing systems come with important security services such as authentication, encryption and decryption.
Being an experienced provider, Ideamine can help businesses achieve cloud computing data security that surpasses the security of on-premise infrastructure.

What value points should we look for in a cloud managed service provider (MSP)?

When choosing the right partner to help in your cloud story, consider the firm’s expertise and experience in multiple platforms and models. The right MSP should be able to support your unique speed, scale and stringent security standards.

How will cloud migration affect the way we work?

It will transform the way you work, for the better. Cloud computing provides multiple benefits, in terms of efficiency and profitability. Our intelligent cloud strategy helps to reduce internal resources, providing peace of mind for your team to focus on core business objectives and thus increase revenue.

We need to migrate to the cloud. How do we go about it?

Cloud migration is an important process that requires careful evaluation of existing applications, data and infrastructures, as well as security standards and constant governance.

Are our applications and workloads cloud-ready?

A cloud assessment is necessary to check this. Our team checks whether your applications and workloads are cloud ready. They also identify how the cloud can scale to meet new goals without compromising any of the significant existing operations.

Which platform would best suit our needs -- public, private, or combination of platforms?

Each platform has its own benefits. You must find out how each of these can help meet your objectives. Careful analysis and a custom roadmap are vital to maximize competence and minimize cost.

How to ensure that we are choosing the right platform?

The right solution is a strategic partnership with the best providers in the industry. Ideamine’s skilled staff can provide you the right solution that optimizes your daily operations and is scalable.

Is the cloud affordable? What are the costs involved?

Our team at Ideamine clearly understands the fact that each organization is unique with specific needs. Budget is a major concern throughout your assessment and architecture phase, making it more affordable for you to leverage the cloud and benefit from reduced service costs and increased revenue.

Can our organization benefit from the cloud?

To find out whether your organization can benefit from the cloud, we need to assess your current environment, business state and priorities. This will help us identify whether purely cloud, dedicated, or co-location data center is the best solution for you.

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