AWS cloud success story

Shipping on the Cloud: A Marine Logistics Success Story

About The Client

The client is a leading shipping and logistics company with its head quarters at the international commercial hub of Dubai and offices in 16 cities in North America, India, South-east Asia and Europe. Its vision is to be a global leader in Shipping, Forwarding and Logistics and to provide a comprehensive range of marine services to its customers through industry leading Quality Logistics Solutions.

The Challenge

The company uses a shipping application to streamline its operations. This software was mounted on a traditional dedicated server architecture that had severe performance and load limitations. Each day began with performance issues due to the application not being able to scale up to user demand. Productivity took a hit as the application would often go down when simultaneously accessed by a large number of users. Performance was a big concern with the application being slow in responding to user requests. Maintenance was another challenge, causing the IT support staff to spend long hours trying to keep the application up and running.

The net result was the company was losing money, not to mention innumerable lost opportunities to grow its business. Adding new features to the application to optimize its performance and derive more value from it was simply out of the question as an excessive amount of time had to be spent everyday on maintenance activities. An application that was intended to bring in high operational efficiency had become a roadblock to the growth of the company.

The Objectives

The company desired to get rid of the problems that plagued its shipping application, namely low performance and load bearing capacity and high maintenance effort. It wanted to derive high business value from its shipping application and use it to aid and not hinder its daily operations. The company reached out to Ideamine Technologies for help.

The Solution

Since performance and load bearing capacity were the critical problems, Ideamine proposed to move the shipping application from the dedicated server to AWS cloud to take advantage of the auto scaling and load balancing features of AWS. This allowed the application to scale up to meet sudden spikes in user demand, which typically happened during peak business hours, by automatically deploying additional AWS EC2 instances so that performance was never compromised. During off-hours, it could automatically scale down to cut costs. Load balancing helped to distribute traffic evenly across all AWS instances deployed at any time.

The Ideamine team employed Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) to store client databases in the cloud. This offered the advantage of cost-effective, on-demand data storage with minimal maintenance requirement. The deployment of Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) provided secure and highly reliable data storage that allowed quick selection and retrieval of data by the client staff from any of its location.

The solution also used AWS CloudFront to allow quick access of web content by end users at multiple locations with the least network latency.

The Result

Today, the application is a true enabler of growth of the client company, delivering optimal performance and high availability and generating an impressive ROI. Its IT support staff now spends minimum hours on maintenance activities. Earlier, while periodic maintenance activities like system upgrades required the application to be shut down, today such activities can proceed on the AWS cloud with minimal downtime, thus ensuring high productivity at all times. Operational costs are also reduced with the cloud implementation as the client is no longer paying for full capacity 24/7 as was the case earlier with the dedicated server.

About Ideamine Technologies – AWS Managed Service Provider

Ideamine Technologies is a Cochin, India based dedicated Server Management,aws managed service provider and Webhosting Support company with expertise in Managed Cloud Services and IT security solutions. We are a fast growing company with an imposing list of clientèle from across the world. We have proven expertise in executing mission critical AWS Managed Services projects that includes designing new AWS infrastructure and migrating existing infrastructure to AWS.

Highlights of the Case Study

Application Challenges

  • Poor Performance and Load Bearing Capacity
  • High Maintenance Requirement

Proposed Solution

  • Migration to AWS Cloud using Amazon EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront


  • High operational efficiency
  • High Scalability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Reduced operational costs
  • High ROI