ideamine case study

Better Payroll Processing Through Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Upgrade

About The Client

The client is one of the largest interior contractors in the world, providing innovative, high-end interior services and turnkey improvement solutions for residential and commercial establishments around the world.

The Challenge

The company used an Oracle ERP solution that ran on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server for payroll processing. This application had the onus of generating payroll each month for all employees of the company on a global scale. As the company grew in strength, the load on the server increased to beyond its normal capacity, resulting in slow performance and reduced productivity of the payroll processing application.

The Objectives

The company wished to improve the performance of its payroll processing application to ensure timely generation of payroll for its employees worldwide.

The Solution

When the company contacted Ideamine Technologies with its problem, our team proposed upgrading the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server as the quickest and the most cost-effective solution for the client. Along with the upgrade, performance tuning activities were carried out. Necessary security and version patches were also applied to bring the application up to date.

The Result

With the upgrade and performance tuning, the performance of the application improved so that payroll processing was no longer a problem every month. The company was able to generate timely payroll for its employees. Installing necessary patches ensured the security of the company data. To add to the benefits, the solution was implemented at a much less cost to the company than if it had sought Red Hat Enterprise support.

About Ideamine Technologies

Ideamine Technologies is a Cochin, India based dedicated Server Management,

Linux server management services

and Webhosting Support company with expertise in Managed Cloud Services and IT security solutions. We are a fast growing company with an imposing list of clientèle from across the world. Our clients can always trust us to deliver innovatively, ‘technology appropriate’ solutions that are cost-effective and address their unique requirements.