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A Messaging App for Businesses

A Messaging App for Businesses

An app which allows a simple and secure two-way communications platform designed to deliver fast,
reliable and cost-efficient messaging for schools, business and clubs.

The Challenge

The website was hosted in another hosting provider and the main issue the client complained was the mails from the server was treated as spam and the mail IP was of bad reputation

The Solution

We set up an ec2 instance in the AWS and migrated all the contents from the old provider to here including the email accounts. We then setup rdns, DMARC records, SPF, The DKIM records and domain keys to the domain and made sure no spamming or mass mailing is performed. We then set up some efficient malware scanning tools and audited the server frequently. This is to make sure no infections are there and all the emails sent and received are legitimate. Doing this has made the email propagation much better. The clients were able to get the emails back to their inboxes.

Prevented Spamming and Mass mailing Hardened Server Security Hassle Free Operations

Ideamine is the registered consulting partner for AWS and is also the APN Excellence Award Winner for the year 2016. We were also recognized by Clutch Group as India’s Top IT Service Firm in 2016. We specialize in: Cloud Consulting / Managed Cloud Services / Managed Magento Services / DevOps as a Service/ 24/7 Server Management


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