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Education Web-App security and reputation on AWS

Education Web-App security and reputation on AWS

The client is a US based leading Online Learning Solutions provider of standards-based assessment and E-Learning programs.

The Challenge

The client had issues with SPAM compliance and email reputation which were frequently getting blacklisted in the DNSRBLs . The server resources were unstable as a result often experienced bottleneck in the server resources.

The Solution

The server resource instability was rectified by separating the Application pool . Application pools implemented were able to produce maximum stability and security through process isolation property. Resources such as memory, CPU and disk space required can be limited separately for each application pool ie, the resources available within the server could be efficiently managed and this is the one of the most important advantage of application pool. When the available resources are exhausted, the application pool will get recycled automatically. Created SPF along with DKIM and DMARC records ensured the domains reputation to be stable which helped the client with the problems in repeated mail IP blocks and spamming issues.

  • Stable and Secured infrastructure
  • Improved Web-App performance
  • Improved Sales and Revenue

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