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E-commerce website support for a leading jewelry group

E-commerce website support for a leading jewelry group

An E-commerce venture of a leading jewelry group with multiple shops across India. The e-commerce
site offered a wide variety of consumer products ranging from apparel, electronics, furniture, arts & crafts etc.

The Challenge

The Client ruled out hosting the e-commerce website in physical servers as this will cost a lot and they are not able to scale the infrastructure according to the traffic. They then hosted the website in AWS using the baseline instance which is t2.micro and conducted a promotion which was unsuccessful. Ideamine team has helped the client to set up an infrastructure which was capable to handle the traffic surge expected during the initial promotion. We have setup prewarm procedures to meet the expected traffic which helped in conducting a successful website launch.

The Solution

After they appointed us for managing the servers, we upgraded the ec2 and RDS instance to a compute one which was a c4 and auto-scaled the instance. The instance was then placed under a load balancer. The instances were set to scale according to the instance CPU usage and traffic.

Smooth Launch Zero downtime and crash Easy access to the web across the country

Ideamine is the registered consulting partner for AWS and is also the APN Excellence Award Winner for the year 2016. We were also recognized by Clutch Group as India’s Top IT Service Firm in 2016. We specialize in: Cloud Consulting / Managed Cloud Services / Managed Magento Services / DevOps as a Service/ 24/7 Server Management


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