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CRM Software security and backup on AWS

CRM Software security and backup on AWS

AWS Security Case Study

The client is a leading CRM vendor whose technologies allow the customers to work with CRM more intelligently and more efficiently across the globe.

The Challenge

There were plenty of instances in the AWS in different region and was under Classic network. All the instances were accessed by agents using the public IP addresses of the instances and the admin had to each time allow the agents local machine public IP addresses in the AWS security group. Since the IP addresses changes as it was dynamic it became difficult for the admins to track and it reduced security. Thesnapshots and AMI backup were not taken correctly.

The Solution

We first migrated all the classic instances to VPC and set all the instances under the same VPC. Then, we setup a VPN installed instance and disabled all the public IP access to all the instances except the VPN instances. So whenever an agent needs to access a server, he had to login to the VPN portal and access them using the instance’s private IP addresses.We scheduled snapshot and AMIs that needed to be run everyday and with retention. We deployed scripts in each of the servers to achieve this.


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