Will the ‘Lightsail’ Fall Fruitful for AWS with Big Sales?

  • December 9th, 2016
  • By Amal S
  • Blog
  • Finally, AWS has addressed the need of the larger number of users; say a niche market, through the announcement of AWS Lightsail on November 30, 2016. The initiative promises to deliver easy Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at predictable costs. AWS have a huge impact on the users across the globe. The report by Business Insider shows the company which has been the leader in on-demand computing resources over a decade has the largest footprint in the industry with its widespread network which constitutes customers across the globe, available regions and revenues.

    The New ‘Lightsail helps the users choose a configuration from a menu and launch a virtual machine preconfigured with DNS management, SSD-based storage, and a static IP address. The new VPS supports the users favourite developer stack (LEMP, LAMP, MEAN, or Node.js), or application (Joomla, Redmine, GitLab, Drupal, etc) or operating system (Amazon Linux AMI or Ubuntu) with an attractive pricing plans starting at $5 per month and which includes the storage and data transfer charges. This post analyses whether the AWS Lightsail falls fruitful with all its simplicity and pricing strategies in a long run.

    The Interfaces which the User Interacts

    The new VPS provides simplified UI interfaces to the users. The fewer choices, reduced confusions, fewer prompts and more guidance are the specialties of Lightsail servers. Along with trouble-free interface features the Lightsail incorporates simple API and CLI to its architecture in order to support the developers. In order to address this niche or different kind customers, AWS has encapsulated their existing features.

    Minimum Set of Features

    For those who don’t require the shiny things and gizmos of the cloud systems and want a simple solution, the new AWS Lightsail is an optimal choice. The user can skip tutorials, security groups, subnets and every last detail of the configuration of the server going to be launched. Instead, Lightsail makes the user focus more on the functionality of the application which he is intended to run on the server.

    Storage Capacity

    It supports persistent SSD-based block storage and ensures protection from component failure and offers high availability and durability to the users. The Amazon EBS volume is automatically replicated within its Availability Zone and offers consistent and low-latency performance needed to run your workloads. Like in AWS cloud solutions, Lightsail supports high scalability and you can switch to lower and higher usage in a faster manner, say within minutes. It provides up to an 80 GB disk on your instance. So everything you experienced will be available for smaller applications or systems as well.

    No More Delays

    For Developers who require only virtual private servers, Amazon Lightsail is the perfect solution. Lightsail avoids all delays and helps you to start your project in a quicker manner. Lightsail achieves this through components such as virtual machine, DNS management, SSD-based storage, data transfer, and a static IP – for a low and predictable price. You can manage the servers by using the API or command-line interface (CLI) or through the Lightsail console.


    A snapshot can be used to create a backup for the Lightsail instance and can be used for reference in future periods of time. For example, even if you delete an instance, there is a possibility of recovering it. You can also create a new instance from the existing snapshot and which will be having the same configuration and pricing tier as the original instance.


    The requirement of a VPC or simple server forms a niche market itself. There is an increased demand for VPC solutions. Amazon Lightsail satisfies those who need to create a project or small business or an experiment and each of this can be achieved in an economical way using this virtual server. For those who think that getting directly into the larger AWS servers have a higher risk then AWS Lightsail is can be a good start. Through the creation of Lightsail, it appears that Amazon wants to adhere to developers or those who want to leverage technology into simple servers into their platforms. Now, through embracing even the small requirements, Amazon proves its relevance in the current cloud industry.

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