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  • April 11th, 2016
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  • If you have a domain and wish to transfer it from your current registrar to another registrar, this article will help you to prepare your domain for a successful transfer from your current registrar. Before preparing for a domain transfer, you should make sure that your domain is eligible for it. The following things will help you to check whether your domain is apt for a transfer.

    => Your Domain name, registrant contact address (administrative contact) should be correct and valid
    => Registrar lock should be disabled for the domain
    => Domain must be registered for at least 60 days with the current registrar.
    => Most probably the transfer process will take  5 to 7 days to get completed.

    Things should have done at current registrar end for preparing your domain
    name for transfer.
    => Unlock the domain (untick registrar lock)
    => Get EPP Code ** (authorization code)
    => Disable Whois privacy

    Things should have done at new registrar end *Place a new transfer order.

    1. Place new domain transfer order at new registrar

    You should purchase “domain transfer” from the new registrar whom you wish to transfer your domain. You have to pay an amount to transfer your domain to a new registrar.Most probably you have to pay for one year. If you want to continue there, you can renew the domain registration. Otherwise, it will be expired. Once the payment is completed,the status of the domain at the new registrar will be set to Authorization Required. You will also receive an email which contains security code and transaction ID.

    2. Unlock the domain and request EPP code at current registrar

    To make the transfer, the new registrar needs an authorization code (Auth code or EPP code) from your current registrar. So, you have to request your current registrar to provide the authorization code.

    3. Receive EPP code from current registrar

    Once you requested for authorization code/EPP code, your current registrar will send you an email with the authorization code for your domain.

    4. Proceed Transfer process at new registrar

    Once the new registrar receives the authorization code, we can proceed the transfer process.Go to the new registrar end and begin the transfer process. There we can see 2 options. They are “Status” which shows “Authorization required” and the next is “Recommended Action” which shows “Authorization – Begin transfer authorization”. Now you have to enter the authorization code which you have received from current registrar. Once this has been completed, the new registrar will display the Status as “Pending Current Registrar approval” and the Recommended Action as “Accept transfer at current registrar”. This means the transfer process has been initiated.

    5. Confirm transfer request

    Meanwhile, you will receive an email notification from your current registrar, which is nothing but to rethink about the domain transfer. If you are decided to proceed with the transfer request, you can ignore the mail. If you wish to cancel the domain transfer, you can contact them in order to cancel the transfer in a specific time period given by current registrar (approximately 5 days).

    6. Domain transfers successfully at new registrar

    The current registrar takes up to 5 days to release the transfer of the domain (as they might wait for your cancel request).You will receive a final confirmation email from new registrar to the WHOIS Administrative Contact with instructions on approving the transfer. Once you have approved the transfer, it takes between 5 to 7 days for the transfer to complete. During this time, there can be no changes made to the Domain Name, including DNS server changes. If you need to change your DNS servers, please make sure the changes are in effect prior to the transfer.

    **EPP Code

    An EPP code is an authorization key provided by your old registrar and required by your new registrar to complete a registration transfer for a domain name.

    Solutions for the common problems encountered while transferring a domain.

    => If the EPP key is expired :
    Solution:We can generate a new EPP code from the current registrar again.

    =>Domain transfer authorization email is not received:

    Solution:Check whether the contact email address is correct

    =>The domain has gone into redemption:

    Do you know what is meant by redemption period for a domain ? For the domains with TLD .com, .net and .org, the redemption period applies. When a domain is expired, the registry will allow a time period of 30 days to renew the domain.If we are not renewing the expired domain within this time period,the registry will hold our domain to a certain time period of 30 days (hold period) which is named to be redemption period. If we want to renew our domain, first of all, the domain has to recover the redemption period. For this, we have to pay a certain amount to the registry. We have to wait for another 5 days to recover it completely.Which means it will take 65 days to recover the domain from expiration.

    Solution: As I said we are able to transfer a domain which is under redemption. The domain should recover from redemption and then need to be renewed before restarting the transfer.

    Hope this article helps you 🙂

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