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  • October 14th, 2016
  • By Amal S
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  • Server downs can occur due to a variety of events and one failure condition leads to another. The reason for server failure includes operating system crashes, loss of power, hardware malfunction, network partitions and unexpected application behaviour. Even the reasons of failure are different, everything lead to huge business loss. So the issue has to be addressed immediately. Enterprises require an ‘immediate rescue mechanism’ for their servers. Then the question is, whether a mechanism which provides an immediate solution to all your server issues is available? Well, yes. Ideamine has introduced the concept of Server Ambulance for the first time in the world. The virtual rescue wagon constitutes, the skilful system administrators, who solve the issues, which adversely affects your customers, on immediate basis. Ideamine’s dedicated team is made available 24/7, awaiting your email or call, to give you an instant support.

    Most Common Cases When the Server Ambulance Was Called Upon

    Server Ambulance service is available irrespective of the place and the time. It is an initiative from Ideamine which is intended to solve the server issues on an instant basis. Server Ambulance helps you to overcome the following situations:

    Unexpected Server Attacks

    Hacking always happens unexpectedly. If you lack a strong security mechanism, it may cause issues such as severe data loss, leakage, theft etc. Server Ambulance with its server rescue team helps you to overcome such disastrous situations. Ideamine makes your firewall strong enough to withstand the hacker attacks.

    When the Server Goes Down Even After Continuous Fixes

    Sometimes continuous fixing of the server may also lead to long-lasting server deadlocks. Unlike conventional server solutions, Server Ambulance includes quick and immediate remedies which pave way for faster server recovery. The mechanism helps organizations to avoid prolonged sever failures and thereby preventing huge sales loss.

    When Server Performance Gets Affected On a Daily Basis

    In business, the server resource utilization varies according to the change in demand. When there is more demand for your product or service, higher the required server space. The server needs to be updated on a daily basis. Server ambulance facilitates easy and quick maintenance of information on the server.

    When You Are Sceptical About Losing Your Back-Up and Want A Risk-Free Migration

    The server Ambulance is not only useful to enterprises which are already using server platforms. For those planning to make a change from the traditional applications can also benefit out of Ideamine’s fast and effective hosting service through Server Ambulance. If you are concerned about the data transferring and want a risk-free migration, then Server Ambulance ensures you the safe migration into server platforms. The proficient and well-equipped team assist you throughout and offer you a hassle free switching.


    So far the Server Ambulance is not a technical innovation from Ideamine. In fact, it is an evolved form of current server practices which prevail in the industry. They haven’t invented anything new but deliver the same service to the customers in a faster way. Whenever you have a server issue, you can contact Ideamine through their highly dynamic website. Proficient engineers who are part of the server rescue team will contact you immediately and assist you in solving the issue. In medical terms, the ambulance implies an emergency and an immediate rescue. Ideamine has adopted the same concept in managing the servers of customers. It is impossible for an organization to waste more time on maintenance tasks because the company will mislay in a competition where the trends keep on changing. Sever Ambulance helps the organization to forget all the hazards of server maintenance and to stay focused on their businesses.

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