Red Hat JBoss: The best Enterprise Application Platform to Leverage in 2017

  • March 24th, 2017
  • By Amal S
  • Blog
  • In order to be flexible, agile and to fend off competitors, businesses have to be both low-cost operators and leading innovators in their fields. Well, this conundrum can be solved by the integration of enterprise applications. Red Hat Enterprise platforms create an ample platform where you can securely and effectively manage all the critical applications. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise applications facilitate a powerful and distributed storage environment which is capable of meeting demands of today’s information explosion. In this blog, you’ll learn the basics of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise applications along with its potential impacts on businesses in 2017.

    Integrate the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for Business Excellence

    Enterprises face difficulty in achieving the agility due to inflexible licensing agreements, rigid proprietary stacks and cultural silos in IT.  Red Hat helps enterprises to utilize their technology to the maximum by allowing them the ‘freedom of choice’. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform supports a broad range of third-party frameworks, databases, security systems, operating systems and identity systems, and thus facilitates easy integration of enterprise applications into the corresponding infrastructure. The enterprises can avail the following benefits through the integration of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform:

    • Red Hat JBoss ensures efficient resource utilization and is suitable for any environment such as on-premise, virtual, public, private, and hybrid clouds.
    • Provides maximum flexibility, high performance and reduces scale-out times for applications deployed in different environments.
    • Provides ‘Kerberos authorization’ which ensures greater security to your enterprise applications.
    • Well suited for traditional and micro services.
    • Helps developers to be more responsive and productive by supporting Java EE and a wide range of Java EE web-based frameworks such as Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Spring WS, AngularJS, jQuery, Arquillian, jQuery Mobile, etc.
    • Accelerates administrative productivity through easy maintenance and deployment features.
    • Apart from delivering technical and business flexibility, the subscription to JBoss EAP eliminates binding licensing decisions which lock the user into specific deployment environments.
    • Flexible as well as a future friendly subscription model.


    The potential of enterprise applications for creating competitive advantage in delivering services, products and innovations is limitless. Irrespective of enterprise environment and infrastructure, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is applicable to the business of every size and industry. The compatibility with different IT infrastructure and the capabilities in terms of administration makes Red Hat JBoss, an ideal choice for organizations across the world.


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