How to Install Prestashop in Cpanel

  • April 25th, 2016
  • By Anil kumar
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  • Prestashop is an open-source software in cPanel which automates website application installation and it has many built-in-features for managing payment, manufactures, supplying and also in listing. We can create an online store using prestashop with the help of a web hosting services. Here I am going to demonstrate installation of prestashop an Ecommerce Content Management System from both front end (using softaculous) and backend (from command line). Below given is the prestashop shopping channel installed without any modification.

    Prior to the installation.

    Allocated databases: Installation of prestashop creates an additional database; we need to check the database allowance from the cPanel left-hand sidebar for this.

    Sub domain: If our domain is, and we need to install prestashop for a sub domain, then just to create a sub domain from cPanel. Below given are the steps to create sub domain under cPanel.

    1. Click Sub domains under the Domains section in cPanel
    2. Enter the name of sub domain that you wanted to create.
    3. Create

    Steps To Install Prestashop via softaculous

    We can install prestashop via Softaculous from the cPanel, which we can find under Software/Services section in cPanel.

    Where Softaculous is an auto installer used in plesk, cPanel, Direct admin, etc. which is used to install 3rd party softwares like prestashop. Below given are the steps to install softaculous from backend server.

    Login to the server via ssh as root user and execute the given commands

    wget -N
    chmod 755

    After hitting the option softaculous under the section Software/Services in cPanel, select Prestashop application.

    Then click on the install option, when we click on the same, it will prompt for an input form. From there we can specify the domain name that we need to install prestashop and also the directory.

    Below given is the forum, where we have to enter the installation details and also make sure that we have updated our Admin Account settings to our correct email.

    To administrate prestashop go to the link as prompted in our softaculous installation notes and after completing the password prompt, we can have an access to the prestashop admin page.

    Now we have completed the installation of prestashop from cPanel via softaculous and we can also uninstall this prestashop from the cPanel easily via softaculous itself. Installing and uninstalling softwares like prestashop through softaculous is much easier than from command line.

    Installing prestashop from command line

    Further to the previous installation steps, now I am going to explain the installation of prestashop from command line. Below given are steps to follow for installation

    1. Move to the directory where we can download the prestashop package without any issue
    Cd /usr/local/src

    2. Download the prestashop package that we need to install.

    3. Copy the prestashop zip file that we have downloaded to the document root for the domain we need to install.
    cp -pr /home/username/public_html/

    4. Move to the document root for the specified domain
    cd /home/username/public_html/

    5. Extract the downloaded file here using unzip command

    Now we will be able to access the prestashop for the domain using the link ‘’
    From there we can see the prestashop installation wizard

    In the first page of prestashop installation, we can choose the language and click next

    In the second page, we can see the license agreement, from there just accept the terms and conditions and hit the next button.

    In the next page we can see as asking the store information. We can enter the shop name, activity, Country in which the store is located, time zone and the account information like name, email address and the password. Keep the information anywhere as it needs to manage the store.

    In the next page it asks for the database details such as database server address, database name, login and password. For this we have to create a database from the phpmyadmin and select the “utf8-general-ci” collaboration and click the next button.

    After clicking on the next button it will be navigated to the installation page with installation details.

    Now, we have successfully completed our prestashop installation. The back-end is full of modules to add and access. I run these steps in just 10min with softaculous and cpanel. This article would probably help you also to install smoothly without bumping into errors only if you follow above steps carefully.

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