Embrace AWS SAP HANA to Magnify Your Business Performance

  • March 17th, 2017
  • By Amal S
  • Blog
  • AWS has integrated SAP to its services from 2008 itself. The leading cloud service provider started using SAP for diverse use cases and scenarios. In 2011, AWS became the Global partner of SAP. Since then, the cloud major worked closely with SAP in order to test and certify the AWS Cloud for SAP solutions.

    When SAP is implemented to a higher organizational structure, it demands higher technology support. Cloud support from a service provider like AWS helps the users to implement SAP into larger technical infrastructures.

    SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database and application platform which endows with performance analytics and real-time data processing. How have AWS services integrated SAP into their services? Will SAP HANA fall fruitful for enterprises? Well, this blog provides the readers an overview of SAP HANA and its impacts on business.

    AWS – SAP integrated Services

    In a highly available, affordable and fault-tolerant way AWS Cloud provides a suite of infrastructure services for the deployment of SAP HANA. So the users can simultaneously avail the functionalities of SAP HANA and Security of AWS through this integration. The AWS and SAP HANA combination helps organizations if they have to manage large data sets that are of different types and from different sources. SAP HANA not only manages information but also provides you data in real-time without any pre-fabrication.

    A SAP HANA offering available on the AWS cloud constitutes of two major services namely SAP HANA BYOL and SAP HANA One. The former is an On-demand infrastructure which uses a ‘bring-your-own-software’ and ‘bring-your-own-license model’ for SAP HANA.  It is suitable for production and non-production use cases. The service which is based on “Bring Your Own License” is scalable up to 2 TB and can be scaled out, up to 14 TB. SAP HANA One, is used for Data analytic and Native HANA applications and it can be scaled up to 60 GB, 122 GB, and 244 GB according to the use cases.

    The integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with SAP enables companies of all sizes to fully realize all the benefits of the SAP which constitutes:

    • Get faster time to value
    • Scale your infrastructure resources according to data requirements.
    • Avail “pay as you go service” while making payment.
    • Use the existing licensing investment without any additional fee.
    • Higher level availability with Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery, SAP HANA System Replication (HSR) and multiple Availability Zones.
    • Start using AWS SAP HANA without any commitment for the upfront cost, storage, or network infrastructure.
    • Higher agility and speed in implementation.


    The integration of AWS cloud platform with SAP helps businesses to reduce the complexities of their operations and thereby delivers prompt results. The impact of AWS SAP HANA reflects in different functional areas of the organization which includes Business Objects Planning & Consolidation, Sales & Operational Planning, Cash Forecasting¸ Margin Calculation, ATP Calculation and Manufacturing Scheduling and Optimization. AWS SAP HANA service helps users to manage their entire enterprise information without compromising on their customized requirements.


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