Cloud Security on AWS

  • January 9th, 2017
  • By Amal S
  • Blog
  • Security has been a concern for the world from the ancient times itself. The man who went for hunting in the dense forest safeguarded themselves with various forms of weapons. Later, people started to settle near the banks of rivers and formed families. Afterward, the security of the family became the higher priority. The civilizations have changed and they used to shelter their family and guarded their personal possessions. Meanwhile, the mediums of exchange like gold and cash came into existence. The cash and gold are important for the financial stability of a person which itself turned out to be the criteria for protection. The man has protected everything which was essential for the survival in this world. Now we are living in a world where data/information became crucial in every business operation. Whether it is business, sports, entertainment, military, health care; the role of information is vital. The controversy created by the Wiki Leaks, a multi-national media organization, and associated library, proves the relevance of security for information in the world. Along with the security mechanisms, the emergence of cyber threats such as hacking attacks, malware, and viruses further increased the magnitude of the security requirements. As a defensive mechanism, many technologies such as passwords, biometric applications, etc were evolved. Cloud computing is one of the latest architectures which provides constant security to the information. It is a growing service that offers similar functionalities as of conventional IT security which includes protecting information from Cyber theft, deletion, and leakage. AWS managed service provider usually deliver highly secure cloud solutions which ensure protection, integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data systems. This blog provides insights on the role of AWS in ensuring security to confidential information, using their cloud security solutions.

    AWS Excellence in Cloud Security

    In the cloud environments available today, AWS cloud infrastructure is one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing platforms. The highly reliable platform helps customers to deploy applications and to manage data, quickly and securely. AWS considers unique cloud needs of customers while providing best security practices. AWS ensures 24/7 infrastructure monitoring through continuous validation and testing, redundant and layered controls, and with a substantial amount of automation. For this, they ensure that necessary controls are replicated in every new data center or service.

    The user can operate at scale and still able to maintain the security which makes people adopt AWS cloud solutions. The cloud solutions are built in such a way that the users can adopt new ways of security solutions which address new concerns of safety. Their cloud platform provides the users, the ability to perform security actions in a more agile manner rather than changing the security approach from preventing to detective and corrective actions.

    Amazon has multiple data centers across the world and which helps the countries that require storing of data on their countries. In order to meet the compliance requirement with storing of card numbers, health information or other confidential data, the users can depend upon third party audit reports which ensure the creditability of the particular cloud solutions. AWS is well integrated with such third party auditors and which proves the reliability of their cloud solutions as well.

    AWS meets the requirement of even the most security-sensitive customers through their widespread data centers and secure network architecture. It delivers the customers a resilient platform which functions without the capital outlay and operational overhead of the traditional data centers.


    Clouds solutions have impacted in such a way that many enterprises have already switched to cloud solutions. They are able to focus on their business and meanwhile, the providers handle the company’s security needs. The combination of the leading business conglomerate, Amazon, with the highly reliable platform, cloud, provides a value addition to the customers. The users require security assurance while changing their confidential information to any new systems. In fact, AWS becomes the right choice with certifications from accreditation bodies across geographies and verticals, including ISO 27001, DoD CSM, FedRAMP and PCI DSS. By operating in an accredited environment and with continuous assessments by the underlying architecture, the users of AWS are able to eliminate the administrative burden of their company and can focus on their business like never before.

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