How Azure Ensures Cloud Security to Its Global Customers?

  • February 24th, 2017
  • By Amal S
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  • How Azure Web Services Ensures Cloud Security to Its Global Customers?

    As the cloud computing increases the efficiency of business operations, many organizations are migrating into cloud platforms. According to 2016 Future of Cloud Survey led by North Bridge Growth Equity Venture Partners and research analyst firm Wikibon, 49 % of people are using the cloud in the key aspects of their technology systems and 42 % of organizations have a cloud-first or cloud-only strategy. It means more than 90 % of people are utilizing the cloud in a meaningful way.The security of the enterprise through cloud innovation is a shared responsibility of the user and the cloud service provider. It is based on this shared responsibility; Microsoft delivers service to its customers. So understanding the comprehensive set of security controls and capabilities available on Azure is important for every customer.

    Being a cloud service provider that is built on a foundation of trust and security, Azure has a significant investment in compliance, privacy security, and transparency. It helps the customers to host their infrastructure, applications, and data in a reliable cloud system. Microsoft Azure also provides capabilities and security controls, to further help you protect your data and applications.

    Security Features of Azure

    • In order to prevent unauthorized access, Microsoft has Azure Active Directory which manages user access to all the cloud services, including Office 365, Azure and other popular SaaS and PaaS cloud services. The federation capability helps customers to use their on-premises identities and credentials to access those services. Also, the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication ensures a most secure sign-on experience to the users across the world.

    • Azure includes security -hardened infrastructure to connect on-premises data centers and Azure VMs. Using a dedicated Azure ExpressRoute connection or secure site-to-site VPN, the network and infrastructure security can be increased.

    • In Azure, the industry-standard protocols are used for data encryption which safeguards the information flow between the devices and data centers.

    • Using Azure network of global threat monitoring and insights, Microsoft prevents highly sophisticated attacks. By analyzing a wide variety of sources and a massive scale of signals, Azure has developed this threat intelligence. So the azure cloud users can securely place their confidential data on their cloud platforms.


    Azure is a trustworthy cloud platform where the organizations are able to securely transmit their enterprise data into a reliable platform by complying regulatory requirements. Since Microsoft have millions of onboard customers, their innovations in cloud industry will revolutionize the server industry itself.
    The number of security capabilities introduced by Azure not only detects threats but also act as a defensive mechanism and thereby remain as a solution for cloud vulnerabilities.

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