Authentication Issues & Solutions in Sharepoint 2010

  • April 18th, 2016
  • By Amal S
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  • Repeated authentication prompts are common in sharepoint 2010, SharePoint 2008 or on the SharePoint 2007 platform. This can also be seen in basic windows authentication enabled administration sites and also with recent patches.

    When you try to access some secure pages on windows domains using host header on server, login credentials doesn’t work and you face issues like “Authentication error” or continuous pop up of login window as shown in the image below.


    This error is mostly related to Authentication methods in window server. Errors occur in both http and https pages.

    And this happens in domains where there is a redirect rule specified to redirect all requests to https:// page, the authentication keeps prompting, leading nowhere. Please follow the steps below to overcome this issue.

    When any redirect rule is used, make sure that it’s correct. A common http to https redirect rules in web.config file in the document root of the website looks like below screen shot.


    This works with Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, sharepoint 2010 etc, as it’s a windows IIS issue in most cases and this is common too. Screen-shot below is of IIS 6.2. Images, appears differs in different versions of IIS but the settings will be the same.

    Steps To Follow To Overcome the Issue.

    Step 1 : Login to windows server and Go to IIS Manager >> Run>> “ inetmgr ” or in search tab “internet information services”.

    Step 2 : Go to the desired website and double click the website.

    Step 3 : Navigate to Authentication in IIS as in the screen-shot below,


    Step 4 : Disable all authentication types and enable only Basic authentication as in the screen-shot below,

    Keep the webpage ready for login and try enabling the authentication type as Basic in the IIS and try login, mostly this works.


    Step 5 :Save and restart the website from IIS, again try login, it will work most of the time.

    Try logging into the website.

    Step 6 : If the issue persist by keeping the Basic authentication enabled, enable windows authentication or try other authentication and try logging in.

    Then Go to Authentication in IIS and enable both Basic authentication and windows authentication as in the screen-shot below,


    Step 7 : And while enabling windows authentication Go To >> Authentication>> Windows Authentication >> Enable >> Providers

    Be sure the providers list is like the screen-shot below,


    Most issues are resolved by using the steps from 1 to 5, but if still issue persist the steps from 6 can be used.

    Note: If issue is not resolved even after all the above steps, then please make sure that below mentioned details are checked and corrected before trying the mentioned steps.

    If it’s 2000 or 2003 make sure you add the service accounts to different built in groups.

    If the domain controllers are installed on 2008 R2 and service pack one is under NOT installed, and SharePoint servers are 2008 or earlier then issue occurs with encryption between the SharePoint servers and the domain controllers. In this case please make sure domain controllers are fully patched.

    Run dcdiag and check if domain is in good health. Make sure that your test should not throw any type of errors. If any issue is discovered, resolve it before moving forward.

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