An Overview of Amazon Aurora Database

  • June 30th, 2016
  • By Amal S
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  • AWS provide the user an exceptional delighting cloud experience. The security, scalability and reliability which Amazon Web Services provide make it the favourite of users. Amazon Aurora is a fully managed, MySQL compatible relational database engine. Here, Amazon combines the features of both commercial databases and open source databases. The simplicity and cost effectiveness of open source and reliability of commercial databases can be seen in Amazon Aurora database.

    Amazon Aurora database provides a lot of benefits to the users. The main advantage of the database is that, it delivers five times the performance of MySQL. Here the user need not have to make changes to the existing applications for the cloud adoption. Through this you could give the complete focus to your business without worrying about the IT sections. Amazon web services provide you the facility to set up and operate your new and existing MySQL deployments through Amazon Aurora database. It makes the deployment simple and cost effective. Amazon RDS is what which provides administration for Amazon Aurora database. It is achieved by handling the routine tasks such as failure detection, provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, and repair. Even though Amazon Aurora is a drop in replacement for MySQL, the same components (code, tools and applications) which you used for MySQL can be used for Amazon Aurora.

    The DB cluster is the main component of Amazon Aurora. Along with the creation of the Amazon Web Services,’ Aurora DB cluster is created. It consists of multiple instances and a cluster volume (it manages data for the instances). A DB cluster is made by two types of instances. They are primary instance and Aurora replica.


    Amazon Aurora is available in the following regions:

    • US East (N. Virginia)
    • US West (Oregon)
    • EU (Ireland)
    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • Asia Pacific (Seoul)

    The Reliability of Amazon Aurora

    The main feature of Aurora is reliability and fault tolerance. Through placing Aurora replicas in different availability zones, you could improve the availability. The thing which makes aurora reliable is its automatic features.

    Storage Auto-Repair

    There will not be the problem of losing the data in Aurora due to disk failure because it maintains copies of your data in three availability zones. Aurora has the facility to detect the issues in the disk. During the failure of a segment of a disk volume, the data in other volumes make up the cluster and ensures the data in the segment which is repairing is the current one.

    The Cache Warming

    After every shutdown or failure Aurora warms the buffer pool cache. With the known common queries that are stored in the memory page cache, Aurora preloads the buffer pool. This bypassing provides the performance gain.

    Easy Crash Recovery

    Another advantage of Aurora is that it helps you to recover from the crashes in an easy manner. Thus ensure you continued performance. So you can overcome any crashes and make you open and available all the time even immediately after a crash.

    Amazon Aurora Security Features

    In three levels, the security of Amazon Aurora is managed.

    Database Isolation in virtual network

    The Amazon VPC in which the Amazon Aurora runs help you to isolate your database in your own virtual network. Using the industry standard encrypted IPSec VPNs, it is connected to your on – premises IT infrastructure.

    Resource-level Permissions

    The integration with AWS identity and Access Management (IAM) makes Amazon Aurora to provide you the ability to control actions on specific Amazon Aurora resources. Here the AWS IAM users and groups can have access.

    The Facility for Encryption

    Amazon Aurora facilitates encryption for the databases using AWS key management system. The data encryption improves the security. To secure data in transit Amazon Aurora uses SSL (AES-256).


    The Amazon Aurora is an advanced relational database engine from Amazon. The factors which distinguish Amazon Aurora from others are its high performance, reliability and security. End users could experience high-cost effectiveness in their business, through the adoption of aurora, as it is highly scalable in terms of resources. It can storage from 10 GB up to 64 TB. Another advantage is that, it combines both the features of open source and commercial databases. Amazon Aurora replicates six copies of your data across 3 availability zones. So it ensures maximum security. Along with this, the data encryption facility is also there. So In every aspect, Amazon Aurora meets the requirements of the business of all types.

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