Sreedev Soman

Sreedev Soman

Director- Marketing & Sales

Sreedev is a 360° IT Marketing Consultant, having expertise in implementing novel strategies to boost the sales process especially in the European & American continents. Being a first-rate Brand Promoter & Start-up Advisor, Sreedev has successfully helped multiple industry verticals to excel.

Prior to joining Ideamine Technologies Pvt Ltd, Sreedev held several designations, starting his career as a Business Communication Officer at UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd, one of the largest remittance companies in the World having extensive network in the Middle East and Asia. He gained expertise in Digital Marketing, working at ISPG Technologies Pvt Ltd, which was the SME Partner of Google, where he was responsible for the brand promotion and marketing for the organisation, its products and services.

He served as the Marketing Manager at Bridge-Global, one of the biggest Global IT Staffing firms based in Netherlands. There he was responsible for company’s all marketing activities and collaterals exclusively serving the Holland, Sweden and US offices. Being at Bridge he instituted BEAM-Bridge Events & Meets and organised I/O: Intelligent Outsourcing Event, crafted for the decision makers in the IT industry.

It is rather ironic that he holds an M.Phil degree in Arts, affirming that Marketing is an Art which can be attained through your experience. He has 8+ years of experience with proven team management skills and motivating them to meet targets. Off from work, he loves to spend his time with his little daughter and family. You may also find him playing Cricket/Badminton on local terraces or on a riverside swing reading Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ with a hot cup of coffee and a fishing rod.