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Award winning IT service company, specialized in a bevy of IT management areas What better can you provide, than an uninterrupted service to your customers.

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Managed Services 2

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Server Management

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Nagios (Monitoring tool)
  • Cpanel
  • Plesk
  • Hsphere
  • rackspace
  • Digital Ocean

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With our fare and easy remote server management plans, you can focus on your core business peacefully, where we will be managing your server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


This is how we approach an emergency client request.

1. Client onboarding/signup

Our client onboarding or signup process begins with the welcome mail and then moves to the payment checkout. We obtain your server details after which we add the server to monitor. We then perform server check up followed by the configuration or back up. Our support and monitoring are ongoing and round-the-clock, giving you greater assurance and enabling you to focus on your business.

2. Ticket

Our ticket flow process is smooth. All the client needs to do is log in to our client interface. One of our administrators takes up the ticket. The administrator then gets more details of the ticket from the client, checks up the issue with the details the client provides and identifies the problem before proceeding to resolve it at the earliest. After the problem is resolved, the client is updated about it and the ticket is closed.

3. Assign an Admin

This process happens quickly so that problems faced by the client can be dealt with as soon as possible. As soon as the client raises a ticket from the client area login, one of our administrators takes it up and then contacts the client to get further information about the issue. Assigning a dedicated administrator ensures the client is given more customized care and the issue is focused on in-depth.

4. Ticket Details

After an administrator is assigned a ticket, he/she contacts the client to get more details. The details are essential for the administrator to pinpoint the issue accurately. Once the issue is identified, more personalized attention can be given to the details so that the unique requirements of the client can be considered.

5. Issue Check-up

This is an important part of the resolution process, since efficiency here ensures the problem faced by the client is satisfactorily dealt with. The issue is looked at in-depth based on the details provided by the client. The expertise of our administrators ensures the matter is identified at the earliest for swift resolution and minimum downtime for our clients.

6. Issue Resolve

With rich experience in various IT services including server management, managed cloud services and outsourced web hosting, our administrators can quickly resolve the issue after checking up the issue based on details provided by the client. Assigning a dedicated administrator ensures the needs of the client are taken up more professionally.

7. Feedback/Close Ticket

This is that part of the process where the client expresses satisfaction for the service provided by the assigned administrator, and provides valuable feedback. The resolved issue and updates are explained to the client. Once the client has realized that the matter has been dealt with satisfactorily, the ticket is closed.

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